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Fabric Friends  (HhQ7301)



The Quillow  (HhQ7302)



Take it to Class Tote  (HhQ7303)



The Press Express  (HhQ7304)



Raggedy Trees  (HhQ7305)



Daisy Mae Cardigan  (HhQ7306)



Wrap It to Go  (HhQ7307)



Pumpkin Season Cardigan  (HhQ7308)



Sunflower Cardigan  (HhQ7309)



Poinsettia Cardigan  (HhQ7310)



Fabric Friends  (HhQ7311)



Grandma’s Emergency Kit  (HhQ7312)



Class Pressing Spot  (HhQ7313)    
Quick Snuggle Quilt  (HhQ7314)    
Snowflakes Cardigan (HhQ7315)    
Garden Trellis Florals  (HhQ7316)    
Dutch Tulip Cardigan  (HhQ7317)    
Iris garden Cardigan  (HhQ7318)    
Tuesday Garden Club (HhQ7319)    
Simply Yours" Sweatshirt Jacket (HhQ7320)    
Rag Tag Baby (HhQ7321)    
Quilter’s Briefcase (HhQ7322)    
Road Trip Memories Quilt (HhQ7323)    
Brick by Brick Lap Warmer (HhQ7324)    
Mountain View Quilt (HhQ7325)    
Terry's Flower Bed Quilt (HhQ7326)    
Flowers for Cynthia (HhQ7327)    
Julia's Bugs (HhQ7328)    
One of a Kind Kid (HhQ7329)    
Fireside Christmas Quilt & Tree Skirt (HhQ7330)    
Links to the Past (HhQ7331)    
Double Helix (HhQ7332)    
Quillow, Too (HhQ7333)    
“Oh Boy!” Toddler Quilt (HhQ7334)    
“Pat’s Blooms” Lap Throw (HhQ7335)    
Princess Toddler Quilt (HhQ7336)    
“Picture This” Notebook Wrap (HhQ7337 )    
“Quilted Brag Book” Kit (HhQ7338)    
“Nan’s Harvest” Lap Throw (HhQ7339)    
 Charm Spools Runner (HhQ7340)    
“Snowy Christmas" Quilt & Table Runner (HhQ7341)    
Tumblers (HhQ7342)    
Market Day Bag (HhQ7343)    
Blessings (HhQ7344 )    
Tossed Leaves Runner (HhQ7345)    
Garden Therapy Flags (HhQ7346)    
Spool Toss Quilt (HhQ7347)     
Holiday Dressing Tree Skirt (HhQ7348)     
Hexagon Kaleidoscope from Stripes (HhQ7349)    
Gingerbread Lane (HhQ7350)     
Pedigree Puppies (HhQ7354)    
St. Croix Tiles (HhQ7355)    
Wolf Territory (HhQ7356)    
Uptown Dreams (HhQ7357)    
Square Wheels Quilt (HhQ7358)    
Solar Flare Quilt (HhQ7359)    
Crystal Blue (HhQ7360)    
Chained Quilt (HhQ7361)    
Labrador Puppies (HhQ7362)    
Folkheart Princess (HhQ7363)    
Chen Diamonds (HhQ7364)    
Rockin' Round the Blocks (HhQ7365)    
Get Your Kicks (HhQ7366)    
Town Park (HhQ7367)    
Lion Wild (HhQ7368)    
Kitten Play (HhQ7369)    
Harvest Tabletop Runner (HhQ7370)    
Double Matrix Quilt (HhQ7371)    
Giggle & Sing (HhQ7372)    
Gypsy Mixed Flowers (HhQ7373)    
Truckin' (HhQ7374)    
Go West! (HhQ7375)    
Star Matrix Runner (HhQ7376)    
Tea Garden (HhQ7377)    
Paintbox Flowers (HhQ7379)    
Horse Sense (HhQ7380)    
Winter Visitors (HhQ7381)    
Garden Brickwork Quilt (HhQ7383)    
Colors of Autumn Runner (HhQ7384)    
Garden Brick Path Runner (HhQ7385)    
Jungle Bright Play Quilt (HhQ7386)    
Round Churn Dash (HhQ7387)    
Learning Letters (HhQ7388)    
Gather With Friends (HhQ7390)    
Farm Friends (HhQ7392)    
Tuxedo (HhQ7393)    
Imperial Runner (HhQ 7382)    
Welcome Home Runner (HhQ7401)    
House Cats Large Lap Quilt (HhQ7406)    
SCORE! Football (HhQ7429)    
Forest Edge (HhQ7432)    
SCORE! Soccer (HhQ7433)    
The Cowboy Way (HhQ7434)    
I Love Wisconsin! (HhQ7436)    
Annie’s Cats Large Lap Quilt (HhQ7440)    
ZooMetrix Quilts (HhQ7441)    
Watercolor Birds Wall Quilt (HhQ7442)    
Mountain Springs (HhQ7443)    
Batik Tiles Lap (HhQ7444)    
Mustang Creek (HhQ7445)    
Books (Co-authored with Cottage Creek Quilts):    

Timeless Inspirations Book  (CCQ140)



More Timeless Inspirations Book  (CCQ150)



From Times Past... Book  (CCQ160)    





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