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Hedgehog Quilts QUilting Patterns

Pattern Updates, Additions & Corrections

Every so often, I find an improvement, an easier technique or a clearer way to explain some of my pattern directions. And (ughhh) errors!

Despite the multiple layers of proofreading that every pattern must go through, some mistakes or typo’s get through. If this has caused you any aggravation, I sincerely apologize. I make the corrections before the pattern goes to the printers next time but I can’t reach all the patterns that are already out there. We quilters often buy and stash a pattern away for another day.

So, I have created this page to keep all changes current. All details will be listed by pattern number and name. I will never place any of my patterns out of print. You can always contact me about any of my designs, no matter how long you’ve had it.

AH HAH! Means look here for ideas, tips and inspiration.
FYI! Means look here for clarification concerning supplies, etc.
OOPS! Means…well…you know.

Desert Sunrise - HhQ7472

Please Note: When this pattern was first designed, an error was made when calculating fabric requirements for the wide 4th border. The small version (52” x 66”) (SHOWN ON THE RIGHT) can be made with the 2-1/8 yards listed in the original pattern. Please click here to download updated pattern

OOPS! There was a discrepancy in the fabric for the wide border. The design presumed that 2-1/8 yards would yield 4 border strips. In reality, it is only possible to get 2 strips centered as described in the pattern. 2-1/8 yards is sufficient for the side borders but you will need another 1-5/8 yards for the top and bottom borders. This would mean 3-7/8 yards in total. We sincerely apologize for the issue!

Kits can be cut easily by using one 2-1/8 yard length plus an additional 1-5/8 yard length. Cutting instructions remain generally the same but are changed only for clarity. Please contact me with any questions.

Hedgehog QuiltsHhQ7463 Bouquet Medallion Quilt - Smaller Panel Issue
OOPS! Because of the nature of manufacturing, some fabrics (especially panels) may vary in size from the original artwork used to create this pattern. It’s an easy fix!

Trim the panel evenly to 23½” square.
After cutting all Ribbon on Black (E) fabrics as directed, use remaining fabric to cut 2 strips - 1” x 23½” and 2 strips - 1” x 24½”, piecing if necessary to get the length. Use these strips to frame the panel, sides first; then top and bottom. Press all seams toward the center. Trim if necessary, to 24½” x 24½”.

Then continue to assemble the quilt as directed in the pattern.

Hedgehog Quilts HhQ7451 Faithful Friends Lap Quilt

My thanks goes out to Cindy Bee's Quilt Shop in Espanola, Ontario, Canada for catching a cutting error in the flying geese units for the lap-size cornerstones:
Cut the 2 Cream (D) strips to 3¼" (not 3").
Then cut 16 - 3¼" squares for small flying geese.
Cut the Gold (E) strip to 3¼" (not 3").
Then cut 4 - 3¼" x 6" rectangles for the small flying geese.
Thanks, Cindy!

Also cut the Brown strip to 3¼" (not 3"). Then cut 4 - 3¼" x 6" rectangles for the small flying geese as well.
Thanks for noticing, Donnie N!

Hedgehog QuiltsHhQ7412 Morning Mist Round One Pillow

Oops! Thanks to Debbie M of Alabama who caught an error on Page 1 under “Making Center Block”:
Text should read: Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of all 2½” and 3” squares. Add 2½” white squares to corners of 8” Oriental square. Stitch on diagonal line, trim seam allowance to 1/4” and press corners out.

Hedgehog QuiltsHhQ7443 Mountain Springs Lap Quilt

Oops! My thanks to Sandra K. for spotting a typo in the graphic on page 1. The number should read 9¼” (not 9½). Sandra received a free pattern for bringing the problem to my attention.

HhQ7444 Batik Tiles Lap

Oops! Thanks again to Sandra K for finding a typo on page 4 Mulberry Layout: The second block in row 1 should be the letter “O” (not D).

Hedgehog QuiltsHhQ7429 SCORE! Football

Oops! Thanks to Pam P. in Wisconsin for her suggestion to change the cutting directions for the football fabric on page 1 to read:
From remaining fabric, cut 1 - 8” square, cutting once on the diagonal for 2 small triangles

Terry's Flower Bed QuiltHhQ7326 Terry’s Flower Bed

FYI! Trellis Quilt Notes (Tuesday Garden Club or Terry’s Flower Bed)
(Just a few clarifications and a little extra guidance)
Click Here

OOPS! HST for Trellis Quilts
Click Here

HhQ7398 Mountain Retreat Quilt

OOPS! cutting directions. Click Here for corrections!
My thanks to Jean McNeill in Florida for contacting me about the cutting errors. Luckily, the errors can be corrected without replacing the fabrics. Please print off the two pages and replace them in your pattern.

Hedgehog Quilts Patterns for QuiltsHhQ7392 Farm Friends Cutting

OOPS! Page 1: Fabric P strips should be cut to 12½" not 12".
Labeling error - Page 4: The border to be sewn to the bottom of the quilt should be fabric "Q" not R. Just an extra note: On page 2, you will be directed to trim and square all the blocks to 12". We now have it noted in bold on the pattern.

Hedgehog Quilts Free DownloadMake a Splash, Free Download from Exclusively Quilters:
OOPS! "Sometimes these things happen!" This pattern was designed digitally. In reality (actual fabric), there wasn’t enough room between the panels to cut the 4 smaller blocks to the desired size. It’s an easy fix...trim the blocks, leaving 1/4" outside the printed edges and frame them with the sashing fabric. Then cut to the final size. The extra seams will be barely noticeable once the quilting is finished. Thanks for your understanding! https://www.exclusivelyquilters.com/c-273-make-a-splash.aspx

Hedgehog Quilts Exclusive DesignsHhQ7394 Spinning Tops Quilt

OOPS!  My special thanks to Kay T. of Oklahoma for catching the cutting error!
Cutting Instructions: (page 1 of pattern)
Winter White, first line:
Cut 4 strips – 7” x WoF; from these, cut 24 – 6” x 7” rectangles
Note: I did use rectangles for the corners (background) of these blocks. They are intended to be oversized and the excess is trimmed away. But 9" x 7" is way too big.

Adding the corners: (page 2 of pattern)
1" off-set instead of 1/4" as shown in the pattern
Centering piece on triangle edge instead of “lining up lower-point ¼” below hexagon

Paragraph should read:
Cut all rectangles in pairs, wrong sides together. Place a mark 1” from the upper right hand corner and the lower left hand corner as shown. Add half-rectangles to sides of hexagon halves a shown, centering piece on triangle edge. Press seams toward background. Trim away any excess corner background fabric from center seam.

HhQ7385 Colors of Autumn Runner

OOPS! We inadvertently used the wrong image on the cover of our pattern, showing an even number of flying geese units on each long side of the runner. The pattern directions say to use 5 sets on one side and six on the other. The new patterns will go out with the corrected image on the covers. However, please use an even number, if you prefer. Our thanks go out to Iris S for catching the error. She will be receiving a free pattern of her choice for being the first to bring the problem to our attention.

HhQ7368 Lion Wild

OOPS!  I designed the Lion Wild pattern from digital files, so that I could have the patterns ready to support the line when it was first being shown. Unfortunately, the lion panels came out a bit smaller when printed on fabric. When trimming the lion blocks, you will have to leave some of the black outline showing. See the photos of both options here so you can choose where to leave the black lines. (My personal favorite is option 2.)

           Option 1                        Option 2

HhQ7374 Truckin' Quilt

OOPS!  I'm really sorry about this. This fabric was printed slightly smaller than the digital files they sent me for design. But, honestly, I should have allowed for that possibility and made the blocks/quilt smaller by cutting the blocks to 11¾" instead of 12½". I didn't realize there was an issue until they shipped me the fabric.

To deal with this without changing the sizes in the pattern, I trimmed my blocks 1/2" outside the color frame. Then I framed the blocks with solid black strips (cut at 2" wide). Then I trimmed the blocks evenly to 12½". I figure that I needed to use 1/2 yard of black to accomplish this. I know that I could have put narrower strips on the blocks but I didn't want to end up with bulky seams.

I test my patterns on fabric I have at home but it wasn't enough this time because the panels were printed a bit smaller.
BTW - The blocks look great with the black frames.

HhQ-7330 Fireside Christmas Quilt & Tree Skirt

FYI! We found that our pattern could use a bit more clarification of the cutting of the strip sets. We hope it helps!
Click Here

HhQ-7348 Holiday Dressing Tree Skirt

OOPS! We forgot to mention that all seams are 1/4" unless otherwise noted and seam allowances are included in all cutting directions. This information is usually found at the beginning of all of our patterns. My thanks to Pat B for bringing it to my attention.

FYI! We found that our pattern could use a bit more clarification of the cutting of the strip sets. We hope it helps!
Click Here


OOPS! One batch of Charm Spools Runner got out without page 3. If you got one of them, I apologize. If you have any questions…Send me an email by filling out our Contact Form and I’ll send the PDF of the missing page. (Please be certain that your printer scale is set at “none”. This way your spool caps will print out the right size). My thanks go to Loretta of the Cotton Cupboard in Lakeway, TX for catching the error. I was able to retrieve most of the incomplete patterns before they got away.


OOPS! Error in cutting for the large blocks. They should be cut 12½" x 18½".
If you have already cut the blocks and realize that they are too small to fit with the paper-pieced blocks, you have three options. The first would be to re-cut (this only works if you have lots of extra fabric).
The next option (my recommended option) would be to use the yellow strips as a narrow border instead of a flange. Trim the yellow strips to 1" wide, press them flat and sew to the long edges of the large blocks. Press seams away from center. Cut new short strips - 1" x 12½" and stitch to short sides of blocks. Press seams away from center. The large blocks should now measure 12½" x 18½". The final option would be to add framing strips right over the flanges, using blue, purple and pink, as for the square blocks. You would need to cut the strips 1" wide: 6 - 18½" and 6 - 12½". Add them to the blocks as directed above in the second Option. (You could also use yellow for this...but test it to see which you like best.) My thanks to Nancy A for catching this error!


OOPS! One batch of patterns went out without the promised information on the inside cover, including the formula to make it any size. If you'd like a physical copy, just let us know and we'll pop it into snail mail for you.
Click Here to Print/Save Inside Cover (PDF format)


OOPS! Divider section, page 4: Three words may be missing from your pattern, after the paragraph beginning: "Fold divider in half..." The next line should read "Repeat for second divider".
(My thanks to Kay C for catching it and letting me know!)


OOPS!  The tracing templates for the Small leaves aren't actually reversed. If you want your jacket to look like the one in the photo, you'll need to reverse them before you trace.
How to reverse for tracing: Turn over page 7 and lay on a light box, hold up to a window or just lay it on a plain piece of white paper. Trace the small leaf set on the wrong side of the paper. Label this side as "Reversed, trace this side". I usually trace several sets from each side so I have plenty to play with.


OOPS! The original run of patterns had one error on page 1: Patchwork for pieced front should be "Lay out segments and squares for front, having 9 squares down and 11 squares across (not 22).
AND one omission on page 2: Paragraph concerning patchwork pocket (under Straps paragraph) should begin: "Outside Patchwork pocket: Trim pocket to 13" high and 18" wide." (August 2004

OOPS! Ott Light Tote Corrections…The Cover and the cutting instructions on page 4 of the pattern should say “64 @ 3” squares” for the Patchwork Tote. If you use 2 ½” squares, cut 81 and arrange 9 x 9 squares for the outside of the tote. (October, 2008)

AH HAH! Pre-quilted fabrics are now available from most of the major fabric companies and they are gorgeous! Substitute the pre-quilted and you’ll have a gorgeous tote set in a fraction of the time. Team it up with the Pressing Spot and Hot Iron Tote, using the same fabrics and you’ll be ready to travel in style! (October 2008)


The product we use is called Redi-Shelf made by Roseburg Forest Products. We have also used Missoula
Particleboard "White Shelving 3/4", 23 1/4", x 72". You can see the Redi Shelf by clicking here. Check with your local lumber yards, etc to see if any of them carry it. We get ours at Menards and Fleet Farm (both midwest chains, I'm afraid).
If you can’t find the shelf product you can rip a sheet of plywood in half lengthwise. It will yield enough for 2 boards. Seal the plywood with a good waterproof sealer.


Click for larger image.AH HAH! I updated this pattern in May of 2008. I set out the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the quilt and diaper bag separately.



OOPS! Three little works can mean so much…especially when they are missing from your pattern! The second paragraph on page 3 should read: “Sew lining side seam and attach….” (May 2006)

OOPS! Pardon our enthusiasm….5 – 7 fat quarters will be plenty (not 12) (March 2008)

FYI! A note about different types of Pre-quilted Iron Quilt products: There are two types. The pattern was written for the type with polyester filling. To control the bulk if you are using the type with cotton filling, serge or zig-zag around each piece to compress the edges. Take a moment to do this step before you assemble any of the parts and everything will go together much easier. (May 2008)
AH HAH! I updated this pattern in May of 2008 for easier cutting. The update includes the fabric requirements and cutting instructions to use Pre-quilted fabric, Charm Squares or Jelly Rolls.


OOPS! I forgot to tell you that I always cut my setting triangles larger than needed. The excess hangs out past the edges of the side cornerstones. This allows you to straighten the edges of the quilt more easily, regardless of individual variations in seam allowances.

OOPS! Cut the squares for the corner setting triangles at 9” instead of 11”. They will be easier to cut from fat quarters.

FYI! A note about half-square triangles and Thangles ™ You don’t need to use Thangles for this project but I recommend them because they are fast and accurate. Go to www.thangles.com  for more detailed information about these handy papers.
But please use whatever method you prefer that will get you to your ultimate goal…”A 1 ½” square that is half dark sashing and half light sashing”. (October 2008)

FYI! Trellis Quilt Notes (Tuesday Garden Club or Terry’s Flower Bed)
(Just a few clarifications and a little extra guidance)
Click Here

OOPS! HST for Trellis Quilts
Click Here

7334 “Oh Boy” Toddler Quilt

OOPS! There are two typos on page 2. Under the heading “Frame Dino Blocks” and on line four it should be 5” fussy cut Dino squares and 5” x 11” Dino Block. You were directed to fussy cut the blocks at 5” square and 5” x 11” in the cutting directions but the incorrect 4 ½” on this page contradicts those directions. Rats…I hate it when this happens!

Grandma’s Emergency Kit (HhQ 7312)
Fabric requirements for quilt:
Main Fabric: 1 5/8 yards
Backing Fabric: 1 5/8 yards
Accent Fabric: 1/2 yard
Chenille: 2/3 yard for alternate blocks
Batting: 1 1/4 yards or crib size batt
Binding: 3/4 yard (includes changing pad binding)

Grandma’s Emergency Kit (HhQ 7312)
Fabric requirements for Diaper Bag:
Main Fabric: 1 3/4 yards
Lining Fabric: 1 1/4 yards
Accent Fabric: 1/2 yard
Batting: 3/4 yard
Muslin: 1 3/4 yards
Notions: Decorative buttons & 8” of Velcro

Grandma’s Emergency Kit (HhQ 7312)
Fabric Requirements for Hungry Caterpillar Version:
(Variation details below)
Quilt & Diaper Bag:
1 - “Very Hungry Caterpillar” panel (by Andover)
Food border stripe: ¾ yard
Marble fabric: 1¾ yards for quilt border & bag parts
Green, purple, yellow, blue & red: ½ yard each
for alternate blocks and accents
Tossed Caterpillar fabric: 2½ yards
for Quilt Back and Diaper Bag Lining
Muslin: 1¾ yards
Batting: 2 yards or twin size batt
Binding: use left over accent colors
Notions: Decorative buttons & 8” of Velcro

Variation details for Very Hungry Caterpillar Version: (Use the photo for guidance.)
Add small fruit border strips to Caterpillar block for an 18½” square and use in place of the 9 blocks in the center of the quilt.
Then continue as directed in the pattern.
Use the large leaf panel section to make the front of the large outside pocket.
Start with Butterfly panel section as the center front of bag and add strips to reach the 18” x 26” size given in the pattern.
Then continue as directed.

Grandma’s Emergency Kit (HhQ 7312)
Fabric Requirements for Baby Face Version:
(Amounts given are generous to allow for design freedom)
(Variation details below)
Quilt & Diaper Bag:
1 “Baby Face” panel (by Loralie Designs)
Large multi patchwork fabric: 1¾ yards
for quilt border & bag parts
Tossed Baby Faces: 2 yards for Backing & bag parts
3 - 4 Companion prints: ¼ yard each
Marbles: 1½ yards for 1st Border, binding & lining
Chenille: 2/3 yard for alternate blocks
Muslin: 1¾ yards
Batting: 2 yards or twin size batt
Notions: Decorative buttons & 8” of sew-in Velcro

Variation details for Baby Face Version: (Use the photo for guidance.)
QUILT (will be about 3” smaller overall)
Reduce all block sizes to Fussy Cut your favorite faces, allowing for 1/4” seam allowances. I cut my blocks 6”.
Cut large patchwork squares apart, lay out in a pleasing design and stitch together for outer borders, adjusting seams where necessary to fit.
Then continue as directed in the pattern.
Use 4 face blocks, fussy cut as for the quilt, sew them together and add strips to the outside to make a 14” square for the front of the large outside pocket. (The pocket on my sample was too large. . . I didn’t cut the faces apart.)
Use the patchwork fabric, uncut, for the bag front.
Use the tossed baby faces for the bag back.
Then continue as directed in the pattern

Class Pressing Spot & Hot Iron Tote (HhQ 7313)
Pre-Quilted Fabric (Quickest Option!)
1/2 yard 42” wide Pre-Quilted Fabric
2 coordinating fat quarters
3/4 yard quilted Teflon™ coated fabric
1/3 yard muslin
1/3 yard batting or 10” x 15” scrap for pressing surface
Pre-quilted fabric:
cut 1 - 13” x 27” for body
cut 1 - 8” x 10” for base (use large template)
cut 1 - 3” x 7” for closure loop
cut 4 - 3” x 9½” for pressing spot ends

Fat Quarters:
cut 1 - 7" x 9" for cord pocket lining
cut 1 - 3" x 21" for tote handle cover
cut 1 - 1½" x 6" for button loop
cut 6 - 2¼" x 21” for binding
Muslin: 4 - 10” x 15” for pressing spot
Batting: 1 - 10” x 15” for pressing spot
Quilted Teflon™ coated fabric:
cut 1 - 13” x 26” for body
cut 1 - 8” x 10” for base (use small template)
cut 1 - 7” x 9” for cord pocket
cut 1 - 9½” x 14¾” for pressing spot

Begin with “Tote Handle” directions on page 1. Omit batting from closure loop.

Class Pressing Spot & Hot Iron Tote (HhQ 7313)
Charms (48 - 50) or 1 Jelly Roll
2 coordinating fat quarters
3/4 yard quilted teflon
1 yard muslin
1 yard batting

Fat Quarters:
cut 1 - 7" x 9" for cord pocket lining
cut 1 - 3" x 21" for tote handle cover
cut 1 - 1½" x 6" for button loop
cut 1 - 3" x 7" for closure loop
cut 6 - 2¼" x 21” for binding

Cut muslin, batting and Quilted Teflon coated fabric as directed in the pattern.
Cut 120-140, 2½” squares from charms or jelly roll strips to make patchwork pieces:
14” x 28” for tote body (7 rows of 14)
8” x 10” for tote base (4 rows of 5)
4 - 4” x 10” for pressing spot ends (2 rows of 5)

Layer as directed and quilt as desired.

Then continue with “Tote Handle” directions on page 1.

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