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Terry AlbersWelcome to Hedgehog Quilts! My name is Terry Albers and I live in Northeast Wisconsin with my husband, Dick who is my graphics guy, handyman and photographer. 

I have been sewing for most of my life. I've been teaching some hand craft or another for more than 20 years. I began designing while working and teaching at my sister’s quilt shop. I published my first pattern in 1998. My “handyman” husband built a wonderful studio for me and now I can design, create and publish my patterns at home. I am so grateful for the talents of my “graphics guy”; especially his ability to translate my scribbles into exactly what I have in mind. He has a couple of quilts under his belt so he knows what I am trying to convey.

My designs are created with the student in mind and with broad appeal to beginners and veterans, alike. I believe that quilting should be fun and enjoyable. Life is short…quilt what you love!

Thanks for stopping by. 


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