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Welcome to Hedgehog Quilts and my early fall update. My Pedigree Puppies and Horse Sense patterns are off the “coming soon” page and ready to ship. We also have another new pattern called “Tuxedo”; an eye-catching black and white quilt with loads of options for the accent colors.  I’ll continue to add more patterns to support the newest fabric lines as we get them ready to ship.

Check out the new patterns on the “Coming Soon” page, including Boating Memories and Space Buddies.

I hope you all enjoy enjoyed your summer. Fall is just around the corner...it’s my favorite time of year! Here in the upper-midwest, we are looking forward to cooler nights, apple season and the turning of the leaves.

I am starting a new page to show all the patterns I created for Westminster Fabrics and available only through the new “Craft of Quilting” Catalog, issued by Keepsake Quilting. It is yet another avenue for my design work. It’s very exciting to be part of a new trend and new catalog. I have several new designs!! You can keep up with all my latest offerings at Craft of Quilting by following the link: http://www.craftofquilting.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=terry+Albers!

Thanks for your continuing business. I really appreciate it.
Keep on quilting and let me know if I can help…I’ll be here.

“Life is short…quilt what you love!”

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